How is the PDF language determined?

If you’re running a store with multiple languages or you want to have the PDF documents in a different language, our WooCommerce PDF plugin have you covered.

Using the free version only #

Documents in the front-end and the ones emailed to the customers will always be in the site language Settings > General > Site Language.

Other than that, you must specify the user language in Users > Your Profile > Language accordingly. For example, if you decide to add another admin and you want him to see the document in Swedish, you must change his language with this instruction.

We have chosen to follow WooCommerce conventions for the language of the documents to keep things consistent.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you are using a multilingual plugin, e.g. WPML or Polylang, the free version does not support them, but you would need to get the Professional extension to add multilingual support.

Using the Professional extension #

Without multilingual plugin #

The Professional extension multilingual settings offer multiple options to define the PDF documents language. You can access this setting from WooCommerce > PDF Invoices > Pro > Multilingual Settings, and you can choose from one of this options:

  • Active user language: uses the current user language for the PDF document
  • Order/customer language: uses the site default language as the order language
  • Site default language: uses the site default language from Settings > General > Site Language
  • Specific language: uses a specific language installed in the WordPress setup

With WPML or Polylang #

Using a third party multilingual plugin is the most complete solution for those who want to have a fined tune multiple languages store. Currently we only support this external plugins: