Create a Product Serial Number

Table of Contents

Import #

Go to Products → Serial Numbers where you can find the Import Serialnumbers (csv) button. Select your file and click on Import.

The file format needs to be in the following structure:


You can also add multiple numbers for one product:


By default the product title is used as label name, but you can also specify the label yourself:


You can only upload 500 serial numbers in one CSV file.

Default #

You can also create a product serial number without a shipment

  1. Click on “Products” on the Dashboard. Then click on “Serial Numbers“.
  1. Click on “Add Product Serial Number Item“.
  1. Fill in the item’s name and click on it.
  1. Click “safe”. The following screen should now appear.
  1. In Tabs you can put in the item’s serial number. After doing so, click Save.