How do create document barcodes?

Using our WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin you could generate independent document specific barcodes easily.

The Ultimate Barcodes plugin will detect which documents are available to generate barcodes for, because if you have the Professional extension enabled more documents will be listed also here.

Available documents will have independent settings

This document barcodes are useful if you want to have different types of barcodes per document type and with different settings.

Settings guide #

Follow the guide below to take the most of your document barcodes.

General #

Enable #

Enables the document barcode.

Generate #

  • Manually: generates on the user input
  • Automatically for newly created documents: generates when new documents of this type are newly created
  • On the fly: generates when is requested by the site/system

Save code #

Saves the barcode data (including the source code) to the document order meta data.

Barcode type #

Select one barcode type from the list.

Generate from #

  • Document number (plain): the original document number
  • Document number (formatted): the document number with additional modifications like prefix or suffix
  • Document link: document public link which requires guest access to be enabled

Barcode output #

The barcode output, which for documents is a PNG image.

Display code under barcode #

Displays the source code from where the barcode was generated below it.

Display in #

PDF documents #

Enable this to display this document barcode in PDF documents.

Document types #

Select in which document types you want to display this barcode.

PDF template location #

Select in which PDF location you would like to display the barcode.