PrintNode support have told me to add specific “job options” – how can I do this?

To do this, you will need to use a WordPress filter:

  1. Create (if it does not already exist) the folder mu-plugins inside your wp-content folder, i.e. wp-content/mu-plugins
  2. In that folder, create a file with a name ending in .php – e.g. printnode-options.php
  3. Put content like this in the file:
add_filter('woocommerce_printorders_printnode_printing_job_options', function($options, $printer_id, $document_type, $printer_id, $title) {
	$options['job_options']['rotate'] = 180;
	return $options;
}, 10, 5);

In the above example, we have set the “rotate” option to a value of 180. PrintNode’s documentation on supported job options is available here: Please note that customisations of this sort are outside of the scope of our standard support; we provide this documentation as a courtesy for those whom PrintNode support have advised to set specific options, and ask that you continue to work through that with them. The above is the mechanism for setting job options, but we cannot advise you as to whether they will achieve what you hope for or not, as that is beyond our control.

N.B. If after saving the above file your WordPress website crashes with the “white screen of death”, then you introduced a syntax error; you can bring your site back up by emptying or deleting the file, and trying again.