How to update your PHP version

PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language, powering millions of websites including most WooCommerce stores. If you got to this page from the notice in one of our plugins, your site is running an outdated and unmaintained version of PHP. Not only is your website’s performance (a lot) lower than it should be, you may be running into things not working as you expect and you’re also potentially open to security vulnerabilities!

What is PHP? #

PHP is a scripting language which powers WordPress and all plugins. PHP, like all software, gets updated over time to patch security issues and improve its features. And like other software, it’s important to keep your PHP version up to date.

Updating your PHP version #

In most cases you cannot update the PHP version yourself and need to contact your host about this. The upgrade process is an easy process and should be something your host can do for you without impacting your website or charging you a fee. Here’s an email you can send to your hosting company:

Dear host,

I’m running WordPress on one of your servers and some of my plugins recommend using at least PHP 5.6. WordPress itself has listed PHP 7 as the recommended version on their requirements page:

Can you please let me know if my hosting supports PHP 5.6 or higher and how I can upgrade?

Looking forward to your reply.

My host doesn’t support PHP 5.6 #

If your host doesn’t support PHP 5.6 or higher, we recommend you find a host that does. PHP versions older than 5.6 are officially “End of Life”, meaning it’s no longer supported. If you contact another host, be sure to ask them which PHP version your website will run on before purchasing.