Creating a Purchase Order


    Traditional method #

    1. Go to Products > Batch Numbers.
    2. Create the Batch in which the PO will exist.
      Once this Batch exists – or if it already exists – click on the wrench icon on the right-side of it, to edit/manage it.
    An image pointing to a wrench button
    1. Scroll down to ‘Purchase order’ and click on ‘Add’.
    An image for adding purchase orders
    1. Add the PO details, then click ‘Add’ (the Blue one).
    An image of creating a purchase order

    A new purchase order has been created:

    An image of a newly created purchase order

    The PO number associated with the Batch is now visible from the plugin Overview screen.

    An image

    In case they are needed, here is an image of the PO settings.
    Path: Products > Batch Numbers > Options > PO.

    An image of the purchase-order-settings

    The settings:

    • Override product prices
      This will override the default product regular and sale prices with the batch PO values, when they exist.
      Note: This setting must be enabled for the other settings to appear.
    • Price prioritization
      • Next Batch with PO
      • Lowest PO regular price
      • Highest PO regular price
    • Limit cart quantity to keep price
      This will limit the cart quantity to the next batch available stock to keep the PO price. This limit is applicable only to products with stock management enabled.

    ATUM Compatibility #

    • Requirement: Product Batch Numbers v3.1.6
    • The very first step is to activate ATUM compatibility.
      Path: Products > Batch Numbers > Options > ATUM.
    An image of the atum-activation-setting

    The settings:

    • Enable ATUM compatibility
      Enable this to allow batch processing compatibility with ATUM Purchase Orders, enhancing operational efficiency and synchronization.
    • Automatically delete batch when a purchase order is deleted
      Enable this setting to automatically remove the corresponding batch entries in our system when an ATUM Purchase Order is deleted.
    • Auto-sync stocks on purchase order updates
      This setting adjusts product stock value to equal the sum of batches when the PO is marked as received, after ATUM has updated stock. This requires the setting Sync with WooCommerce stock to be enabled.

    Our compatibility layer for ATUM POs allows for the creation of POs via ATUM that include Batch Data. This data includes the original ATUM order number and supplier ID.

    If an ATUM order item is removed, while having a corresponding Batch associated with it, both the Batch and its associated PO are automatically deleted.

    In simpler terms: If you create a PO in ATUM, it will appear in our PBN plugin settings, based on these 2 conditions:

    1. The status of the ATUM PO is ‘Received’.

      An image of the purchase-order status
    2. The batch number of the item in the ATUM PO has been entered via ATUM > Purchase Orders.

      An image of the batch-number field
      An image of the batch-number field
      An image of the batch-number field

    Now that the Batch Numbers have been added, it is now possible to view our newly created Batch Items.
    Path: Products > Batch Numbers > Overview.

    An image of the batch-overview screen

    Clicking on the blue wrench icon on the right leads us to a more detailed view, where we can observe the ATUM Purchase Order data.

    An image of purchase-order-data