How global and product offset works

Wouldn’t be nice if you could receive notifications when an WooCommerce product batch is expiring? This would give you time to create a promotion sale or restock the product lot.

Global offset #

The global offset, in days, could be set under the plugin settings. This works by default for every product batch that has an expiring date defined.

Every day, at midnight, the system will check which batches are inside this period and fires emails if those are enabled.

So, if you want to be notified 30 days before the batch expiring date, you just need to set the global offset as 30.

You could also choose if you want to be notified every day or just once per batch.

Product offset #

If you prefer to have different offset’s per product, you could override the global offset in each under the batches table:

Seeing the example above, for this product the offset will be 20 when other products could have also their own offset or follow the global offset, which in both cases could be different.