Change Menu Cart URL / Redirection

In WP Menu Cart Pro you can change the texts and links directly in the settings:

To change the url that WP Menu Cart links to, you have to add a filter in your themes functions.php.

If you don’t know how to use filters read this article. As always, be sure to clear your cache before contacting support with questions.

URL for empty cart

By default the url is typically set to your home page or shop page, depending on the E-Commerce system you’re using. Just change $empty_url to equal the page of your site.

* Set page url when cart is empty
add_filter('wpmenucart_emptyurl', 'add_wpmenucart_emptyurl', 1, 1);
function add_wpmenucart_emptyurl ($empty_url) {
	$empty_url = '';
	return $empty_url;

URL for cart with items

By default the url is typically set to your cart page. In this example we’re redirecting it to a checkout (change the url to your preference).

* Set page url when cart has items
add_filter('wpmenucart_fullurl', 'add_wpmenucart_fullurl', 1, 1);
function add_wpmenucart_fullurl ($full_url) {
	$full_url = '';
	return $full_url;

Full example: redirect empty cart to cart page

The default behavior of Menu Cart is to redirect to the shop page when the cart is empty. This code changes that to the (empty) cart page and also changes the hover text/title of the menu item accordingly:

* Link empty menu cart to WooCommerce Cart page
add_filter('wpmenucart_emptyurl', 'wpmenucart_emptyurl' );
add_filter('wpmenucart_emptytitle', 'wpmenucart_emptytitle' );
function wpmenucart_emptyurl ($empty_url) {
	global $woocommerce;
	$cart_url = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url();
	return $cart_url;
function wpmenucart_emptytitle ($title) {
	$title = __('View your shopping cart', 'wpmenucart');
	return $title;