European Payments Council (EPC) QR Code for WooCommerce

Now you can generate European Payments Council (EPC) QR Codes for WooCommerce using the Ultimate Barcodes plugin.

This EPC barcode provides an easy and effective way of initiate a SEPA credit transfer by scanning it from a smartphone, PC or even a standalone scanner. Doing that, the payment details are filled automatically from the QR Code, and the payer just needs to validate them to proceed with the transaction.

Barcode data structure #

Some of the EPC QR Code data is prefilled automatically by the plugin:

  • Service tag: BCD
  • Version: 001 or 002
  • Character set: UTF-8
  • Identification code: STC

The other data can be filled from the plugin settings by selecting QR Code and European Payments Council (EPC) from the Order barcode settings:

When the EPC selection is made, a few new options are added below:

  • Select bank account: select one of the predefined WooCommerce BACS accounts or enter the account details
  • Receiver’s name: who will receive the transaction
  • IBAN: the account number from the receiver’s
  • BIC/SWIFT: the bank identification code
  • Purpose: purpose of the credit transfer limited to 4 characters. The full list of codes can be found here
  • Remittance information: we use the unstructured instead of the structured option, to give more flexibility in terms of formatting. Placeholders can be used
  • Note: additional information about the Credit transfer. Placeholders can be used

All the barcode data can be filtered using the hook below:

apply_filters( 'wpo_wcub_epc_data', $data, $order_barcode_obj );

EPC QR Code output #

The EPC QR Code is similar to other QR Codes, the only difference is the data that he retains. This must follow the official specifications that could be found here.

Output example using the WooCommerce Ultimate Barcode plugin