Using the [wcbulkorder_section] Shortcode

In version 1.2.1 of the Bulk Order Form Prepopulated Template we added a new shortcode called the [wcbulkorder_section]. The shortcode allows you to add sections to your form.

Here’s how to use it:

[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 1" category="" include="177,176,175"]
[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 2" category="" include="174,173,172"]
[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 3" category="" include="171,170,169"]

Create a bulk order form with the bulk order form shortcode:


Add sections inside the open and close wcbulkorder like this:

[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 3" category="" include="171,170,169"]

The title attribute is the title for the section, the category attribute accepts product category ids and the include attribute accepts product ids. Use either the category or the include attribute, not both.

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