Using the [wcbulkorder_section] shortcode

With the Bulk Order Form Prepopulated Template you can use a separate shortcode called the [wcbulkorder_section] (in addition to the main shortcode [wcbulkorder]). The shortcode allows you to add sections to your form.

Here’s an example of 3 sets within the bulk order form:

[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 1" category="" included="177,176,175"]
[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 2" category="" included="174,173,172"]
[wcbulkorder_section title="Set 3" category="" included="171,170,169"]

The title attribute is the title for the section, the category attribute accepts product category IDs and the include attribute accepts product IDs. Use either the category or the include attribute, not both.

Important: if you are using category or include filters here, we strongly recommend disabling them in the plugin settings (if also using the Pro extension), as this would otherwise give unpredictable results.

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