Using the Customizer

With the Customizer from our Premium Templates extension you can easily add or change order data in your documents. Add product thumbails, display unit pricing or show discounts with the click of a button. You have a ton of options to showcase in your product overview in the ‘Columns‘ section or show specific data for the whole order in the ‘Totals‘ section. Just click ‘Add a block‘, pick your desired option and select the right settings for you. Hit ‘Save changes‘ and you’re good to go!


Add a block to the Columns section.


Add a block to the Totals section.


To change the order of your added blocks simply drag and drop them in the desired order. Hit ‘Save changes‘ and your blocks will now display in their new order.

  • Position (line number)
  • SKU
  • Thumbnail
  • Product (name)
  • Product Description (short or full)
  • Quantity
  • Product variation/item meta
  • Item meta (single)
  • Price (including/excluding tax, single/total, before/after discount)
  • Regular price
  • Discount
  • VAT
  • Tax rate (%)
  • Weight
  • Product Attribute
  • Custom Field (product)
  • Checkbox
  • Static text
  • Subtotal (including/excluding tax, before/after discount)
  • Discount (including/excluding tax)
  • Shipping (including/excluding tax)
  • Fees (including/excluding tax)
  • VAT/Taxes
  • Grand total (including/excluding tax)
  • Total weight of order