Troubleshooting document attachments

The first thing to check is which WooCommerce email notification you’re attaching the invoice to. You can verify this under WooCommerce > PDF Invoices > Documents > Invoice > Attach to:

A screenshot that display the Attach to setting. It has the Completed order marked
WooCommerce has an email notification for almost all the default order statuses, so the email notification depends on the order status. That is, if you have only selected Completed order in the Attach to setting, the invoice will be attached in just this email notification when the order change to Completed status.

Remember to check that you have the correct document type selected while in the Documents tab:

Using MailPoet, Sendgrid, or another similar transactional mail service? #

Some of these services either don’t allow attachments, have capped the attachment count to 1 document or have capped the file size limit to 1 MB.

How to track your mail #

In addition to answering the above question, please follow these steps to find out if the issue occurs before the message is sent:

  • Install and activate the WP Mail Logging plugin.
  • Open an existent order, find the Send order email panel, on the right side, select one of the email notification in which you attach the invoice, e.g. Complete order, and click on Save order and send email:
A screenshot that display the Send order email panel from WooCommerce with the Completed order notification selected in the dropdown
  • Then go to Tools > WP Mail Log, find your last email & check if there are files in the Attachments column and/or any notice on the Error column:
A screenshot that display the WP Mail Logging plugin log screen
  • Lastly, share the results with us. 🙂