Custom Font extension (for active license users)

Users of our plugin with an active license (any user that has purchased either our Professional or Premium Templates extension) can send us an email at in order to receive this extension. With this extension, there is no need to fiddle with code in regards to installing custom fonts for your PDF documents.

An image of the active-plugin-extension

Install this extension like any other plugin, then you will notice the new ‘Custom font‘ tab at WooCommerce > PDF Invoices.

An image of the custom-font tab

From this tab, you can select the fonts you want for you PDF:

An image of custom-font-extension--settings

Clicking ‘Select’ opens up the WordPress Media manager.
From here, select the font you have saved to your system/computer.

An image of the media uploader

The Cairo font – a Latin + RTL language Google font – has been selected as our example. Here, the ‘Regular‘ version of the font file is used for immediate results (Cairo-Regular.ttf).

An image of an added font

Remember to save your changes!

Now, the Result on PDF – with the selected font now active:

An image of a pdf with cairo-font

Before — Without the Custom font selected:

An image of pdf without-custom-font-installed