Using TranslatePress to generate multilingual PDF documents

Once TranslatePress is installed and has been activated, it will be indicated in our plugin’s settings at WooCommerce > PDF Invoices > Pro.

An image showing multilingual settings

The next step:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > PDF Invoices > Pro, then scroll down to Document language.
  • Document language must be set to TranslatePress order language.
An image of the Document language setting

When working with TranslatePress, it is important to remember that this plugin is meant for the frontend, which means it is mainly for the part of the website that the client will interact with.

An image showing multiple-language selectors

TranslatePress Language picker – client view of website

Customers will view and download their PDF documents in a multilingual manner, simply by switching the language of their website navigation according to the options made available via the TranslatePress settings.

Path: Settings > TranslatePress

An image showing multiple-language options in TranslatePress

From the TranslatePress settings above, the available languages are:

  1. Spanish (default)
  2. French

If the customer wants to view their document in either language, they just need to switch the site language and re-download their document.

Site Checkout in Language 1 (Spanish):

An image of the my-account page in Spanish

Extended TranslatePress Language switcher:

An image of the language switcher

Site Checkout in Language 2 (French):

An image of the my-account page in French

Please Note:

  • This TranslatePress language switcher above will also determine the language in which the customer will receive their PDFs via email attachment.
  • The free version of TranslatePress is enough.
  • Our plugin’s compatibility with TranslatePress is still in its early phases and is still limited.