How to create order barcodes?

The WooCommerce Ultimate Barcodes plugin is the real deal for order barcodes because it offers plenty of barcode types and multiple data sources to generate from.

How to setup the order barcodes? #

It’s very simple, you just need to go to your plugin settings under the WooCommerce menu “Barcodes“, and click the “Orders” menu tab. Here you have many options to set, but essentially you just need to enable this barcodes and select another few options to start generating order barcodes. We will drive you through all the important settings below.

General settings: #

  • Enable: required to enable the order barcodes creation.
  • Generate: manually or automatically on order status change.
  • Order status: select in which order status to generate the barcode automatically (if auto generation is enabled above).
  • Order types: required to generate barcodes for the selected order types (defaults to order).
  • Barcode type: select the type of barcode you would like to use.
  • Generate from: select from which data you would like to create the barcode. For orders you could use: Order ID, Order number, Order URL, Order data (highly customizable), Custom field, Barcode field, Billing address, Shipping address, Payment link, Random generated key, ZATCA Fatoorah data and European Payments Concil (EPC).
  • Barcode output: by default is set to PNG, which is recommended, but you could also use SVG.
  • Display code under barcode: decide if you want to display the used code underneath the barcode.

As you can see we provide plenty of options and flexibility to create order barcodes, but if you have a special requirement we could also have a custom solution for you, just let us know.