Authorizing Dropbox (Professional extension)

As PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce – Professional is installed and activated, the new Cloud Storage tab is added via PDF Invoices > Cloud Storage. In order to proceed:

  1. Cloud storage has to be enabled.
  2. Dropbox has to be selected as the Cloud service.
  3. The settings need to be saved.
 1 = Enable cloud storage, 2 = Select Dropbox
 3 = Save changes

Getting an access code #

Once the changes are saved, a new notice will appear towards the top of the page. This notice requests a valid Dropbox access code be provided.

Dropbox authorization notice

Clicking on the permalink that reads “this link” will lead to the next authorization step – obtaining a new Dropbox access code.

Dropbox authorization notice, zoomed in

Note: If the Professional extension license has not been activated on the WordPress installation, the notice will instead be a warning that must be resolved, in order to proceed.

 License activation warning

Once the permalink above has been clicked, a new browser window will be opened for managing the access code request required for connection to Dropbox. This new window will be a login request page if we are not logged into Dropbox:

Dropbox login request page
Successful Dropbox login notice

Once logged into Dropbox, the next step is to allow for access, in order to upload the PDF documents from the WordPress installation to Dropbox.

Button to allow access to Dropbox

Note: Upon allowing access to Dropbox, an access code is generated. This code is only usable once (see access code validity).

The generated access code (blurred)

Copy the access token and paste it into the input field of the Dropbox authorization notice. Afterwards, authorize the access by clicking the blue button that is directly under the input.

Dropbox authorization notice, with blurred input

A confirmation notice will appear towards the top of the page, communicating authorization success and displaying the generated token:

Dropbox authorization success notice, zoomed in

Towards the bottom of the page and under the “Save Changes” button, there is a new Unlink Dropbox account button. Above this button there is text in green, containing the name and email address representing the linked connection.

Dropbox connection information and unlink-action button

Troubleshooting #

a. Non-active license #

As a reminder, this is what an active license looks like.

Active plugin license — Plugins Menu

If the Professional extension license has not been activated on the WordPress installation, there is a license activation warning that must be resolved in order to proceed with getting an access code.

Resolve this by activating your license. Click the blue “here” permalink below in order to be taken to the license activation page.

License activation warning

b. License cache #

If for some reason the license has been successfully activated on the site like in the image above, yet the activation notice will not disappear, then the Professional extension license cache needs to be cleared. This can be done at: PDF Invoices > Advanced > Tools > Clear Professional extension license cache.

Professional extension License Cache

c. Access code validity #

Upon authorizing access to Dropbox, an access code is generated. This code is only usable once. This means that each time the linked Dropbox account is unlinked, a new access code will need to be generated.

d. Plugin conflicts #

Plugins that manipulate the behavior of Admin Notices need to be deactivated in order to see the Dropbox authorization notice.

Admin notice hidden by conflicting plugin

A known conflicting plugin is:

  • Hide admin notices by Rémi Leclercq
Some plugins that manipulate the WordPress admin notices Collapse