Installing WP Overnight Plugins

Installing any of our plugins is relatively straightforward, but if you have never manually installed a plugin before, it may be a bit daunting. Here’s a simple, step by step guide.

Installing the plugin #

  1. Download the plugin zip files from your order confirmation email
    • Note 1: There will usually be two downloads in your email, one to the WP Overnight Sidekick (, see below for activation instructions) and the other to the plugin you purchased.
    • Note 2: Some browsers (like Safari, depending on the settings) automatically unpack the zip file when downloading, try to make sure that you get the zip file and not the contents of that zip, as you can only upload it as a whole when installing the plugin via the WordPress backend. If you’re installing the plugin via FTP you do need to extract the zip.
      Instructions for disabling automatic opening in Safari can be found here: Disable “Open Safe Files After Downloading” Feature in Safari
  2. In WordPress, go to:
    1. Plugins > Add New
    2. Then click the Upload Plugin button on the top of the page
    3. Browse to the zip file you downloaded previously
    4. Then press Install Now.

  3. After the upload/installation is finished, press the Activate Plugin link, and you’re done!

Via FTP #

  1. Unzip the plugin zip file, you should see a single folder named after the plugin.
  2. Connect to your WordPress server with your SFTP client.
  3. Copy the plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory. This installs the plugin to your WordPress site.
  4. Navigate to your Plugins admin screen and locate the newly uploaded plugin in the list.
  5. Click the plugin’s Activate link.

Activating your license #

If you want to receive automatic update notifications for your plugins, you will also need to install the WP Overnight Sidekick and activate your license:

  1. Download the WP Overnight Sidekick (link:, and install just like any other plugin (see above).
  2. After the WP Overnight Sidekick is installed & activated, go to WP Overnight > Manage Licenses
  3. Enter the license key(s) for the plugin(s) that you have purchased, you can find them in the order confirmation email
  4. Save the license keys and press the activate button for each license to activate the license.