Using custom translations

Some shops/configurations may require custom translations, and you can override the default translations that come with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips by storing them in the WordPress Language folder (wp-content/languages unless overridden with the WP_LANG_DIR constant).

Simply copy the .po and .mo files from:




You can alter the translations by opening them in Poedit. You can also use the plugin Loco Translate.
If you think your translations/modifications are useful for other people, send them to us at support at and we’ll include them in the offical release!

For the translations for the Premium Templates pack, use:


and for the Professional extension:


To create a create a new translation, you can install the plugin Loco Translate – this plugin has an intuitive interface and lets you add new translations with ease.

If you want full control over the translation files, you can use POEdit:

  • Download POEdit at
  • Open POEdit
  • File > New from POT
  • Open wpo_wcpdf.pot (from woocommerce-pdf-invoices-packing-slips/languages/)
  • A popup will ask you for your language
  • Enter/change the translations
  • Save as wpo_wcpdf-xx_XX.po, where you replace xx_XX with your language code & country code suffix (da_DK, pl_PL, de_DE etc.)
  • Send them to us at support at and we’ll include them in the offical release!

Important note: Make sure you have properly configured the plurals, as they are used for the filenames: Somehow the settings can’t be copied from the pot. Go to Catalogue > Preferences. Then enter

nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;

in the custom expression field. The strings ‘invoice’ and ‘packing-slip’ now have two translation fields, single & plural. Note that this is a filename, so replace spaces with a – just to be sure!